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Cache Plug-in or Plug-out

So we all know what a cache (pronounced cash) is, at least I hope you do. But just in case let’s review. A cache is the reserved part of the storage that collects temporary data to help your favourite or most visited apps, browsers, or websites load faster and remember your information from your last visit.
Sometimes this is a good thing, like when you are shopping on line and you are looking for a certain item on sale. However majority of the time a build up of cache is not good and soon it will slow down the loads of your brokers, apps, and websites. Sort of like you going to a buffet and eating all your favourites but your arteries become congested with the trans-fats that is not good for you. So you are told to eat healthy and exercise, the same as why we are told constantly to clear your cache on a regular basis.

This applies to you and your website or blog but it acts in a reverse way. Instead of visitors picking up that data and keeping it they can also deposit their useless data onto your websites and blogs. In layman’s terms I like to think of it as pouring grease down your kitchen sink drain and it plugs up your drain and this makes draining your sinks over time become slow.
Visitors viewing your websites and blogs will deposit useless data onto your site and thus making your website/blog become heavier and slow to load which in turn will decrease your ranking in the search engines.

That is where cache plugins come in to play. By installing a cache plugin this will help clear out all that useless data and unclog your cache to have your site run smoothly in all aspects
of images, videos, cookies, etc.
The benefits of using a cache plugin on your websites or blog pages will:

– generate static HTML pages to your website and saves it from on your server

– enhancing speed and performance to your web pages helps your website load faster

– will have your website load within three seconds, faster loading means a higher ranking for search engines

– by minimizing database queries cache plugins reduces load on the host server

Cache plugins do all the technical work for you and all you have to do is install and click on a few buttons in the settings of the plugin to make to make your website/blog run efficient, smoother and faster.

Looking for the right cache plugin that is right for you and your website depends on what you are looking for and what sort of application you are using such as WordPress etc.
There are a lot of free plugins out there so don’t feel intimidated. You will have to do your research and read on what plugin offers. Make a pro’s and con’s list and see which one will be the most beneficial for you.
Here are a few that may interest you if you are a user of WordPress:

1. W3 Total Cache
2. WP Fastest Cache
3. WP Rocket
4. WP Super Cache
5. Cache Enabler

Learning HTML

Simple HTML Code

Hyper Text markup Language (HTML) is the most basic code and fundamental building block to use of the web. By learning HTML is just a stepping stone to learn Javascript, Python, CSS, etc, the list is endless.

Welcome – Let’s Chat

Welcome and Hello to Dragonfly Website Gossip blog. I am new to blogging as well as new to website design. So this blog is for me to share my experiences with me blogging and starting out in a new career direction of website design.

When I mean new to blogging and website design, I mean just that. The only website I have designed so far is the one I had to create for my final project in the Certified in Applied Web Development and Design course through Make A Change Canada/Study Anywhere program.