5 BIG Website Design Mistakes

Pssssst! I am going to let you in on some juicy gossip.

We all want to have that website that just kills it in every way. It looks crisp, clean and professional and it probably took a lot of time to get it that way. But don’t fret! I will share some secrets that I know and learned through my experiences.

1. Website NOT user friendly:
– This means that the website is not compatible to any other devices except for a desktop computer. If a potential customer looks you up on a search engine from their cell phone, tablet, ect. and your website does not load properly so the can get the full site experience, well they will just leave and move on to another company. Mae sure that your website is user friendly in every aspect.

2. Auto-Play Videos:
– Personally I find this really annoying. When viewing a website that I have never been to and the videos they have automatically start playing and the volume is on high is a big factor to most visitors. If you are going to have video then have it so the viewer has the control of starting/stopping it plus have the control of the sound as well.

3. Land of Frustration:
– This is another one of my pet peeves. Having to look for information and can’t find. The website does not have the company’s basic info for contact. If the website has no basic information then how credible is this company. Also the text is too small to read and there is no structure. It looks like a spam website.

4. Overload Kill:
– There are some websites out there that make my eyes go bonkers. As soon as you load them up there is just too much and too fast. The color, the media, huge fonts, I don’t know where I am supposed to be looking at. Example: http://arngren.net

5. Loading Errors/Slow:
Majority of people don’t have time of the patience to wait for a website to load and when it finally does it has loading errors. This is not the year 2001 anymore and this should no =t be the problem anymore. If there is video or other media and links in your website make sure that that all is linked probably and they are working, otherwise credibility goes down the drain.

I hope this information was helpful and if you have any questions or comments please feel free to connect with me.